Touching Mother’s Day Video By Jurong Point Shopping Centre Goes Viral

Touching Mother’s Day Video By Jurong Point Shopping Centre Goes Viral

Raw heartfelt emotions displayed by Singaporeans leave netizens in tears, with the video clocking close to 260,000 views and almost 10,000 shares in less than 2 days.

SINGAPORE, May 8, 2015, Friday – It was meant to be a simple and straightforward mission: invite the usually reticent Singaporean to tell mum “I Love You” over the phone.

Yet, the raw heartfelt emotions and at times hilarious responses displayed in the Mother’s Day video left netizens shedding happy tears. In less than two days since it was uploaded onto the Jurong Point Shopping Centre Facebook page (on Wednesday May 6, 7pm), the video has become a viral sensation with close to 260,000 views, more than 6,000 likes, over 270 comments and almost 10,000 shares.

Watch the video here:

“Unconditional Love Is A Mother’s Instinct”
In the three-minute clip, shoppers were invited to a booth to call mum and tell her their appreciation. Some were shy, while others wept. The responses from the mothers were equally touching, tear-inducing and funny.

One mum, after her son thanked her, worriedly replied: “Huh? Don’t scare me, what happened?” Another joked: “Aiyoh, that’s so sudden. Are you drunk?”

When another shopper asked for forgiveness for the times when she was rude to Mum, the latter replied: “ Aiyah, it happened such a long time ago, I’ve forgotten all about it. There’s no need to bring it up again.”

Engaging Shoppers
The video was shot over April 18 and 19 with another two weeks spent on post-production work, and the project cost the mall around $18,000. A total of 250 shoppers were approached over the two days; 75 shoppers made calls from the booth and close to 60 of them successfully made a phone call through to their mother.

Ms Camie Chua, Senior Marketing Communications Manager from Jurong Point Shopping Centre said: “Jurong Point celebrates our 20th anniversary this year, and as the largest suburban mall, we have seen a generation of shoppers growing up, and growing old, with us. We wanted a Mother’s Day video and being a community-driven mall, we want to engage our shoppers for them to express their appreciation and love for their mothers. Therefore the team brainstormed and came up with this.

“Some of the shoppers we approached did not want to participate, some hesitated and of course, there were also many who did it sportingly. We were very touched by the outpouring of emotions and many of us shed tears when we watched the video. We are delighted that many viewers felt the same way.”

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About Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Jurong Point Shopping Centre (“Jurong Point”) is the leading suburban retail mall situated  in  the  western  quadrant  of  Singapore.  Strategically  located  between Boon Lay MRT Station and Boon Lay Bus Interchange, Jurong Point serves as the gateway   to  the  Jurong   West  Industrial   estate,   Singapore’s   key  educational institutions and the residential population in the West. Opened in December 1995, the  mall  has  since  grown  in  two  phases:  once  in  December   2000  when  it expanded to 450,000 square feet and again in December 2008 to 750,000 square feet.

It is the largest suburban mall in Singapore, housing about 450 retailers, showcasing their  products  and  services  to  6  million  shopper  visits  a  month.  The  revamped Jurong Point houses a range of retail zones – revamped Shokutsu Ten, Mongkok, Rackets & Track, Korean Street, Malaysia Boleh, Gourmet Garden and many more. In  addition,  there  is  also  a  67-bay  air-conditioned   bus  interchange,  11  civic community service partners and, a 610-unit condominium nestled above the retail podium. Jointly owned by Guthrie GTS Limited and Lee Kim Tah Holdings Limited, Jurong  Point  is  poised  to  take  a  leap  forward  to  be  the  “heart  of  a  vibrant community, abuzz with activity and a passion for life, offering WOW experiences for one and all”.